Team Members

This project was led by Dr Sara O Sullivan (UCD)

Steering Group:

  • Dr Amanda Gibney, (UCD)
  • Dr Suzanne Guerin, (UCD)
  • Dr Michael Staunton, (UCD)
  • Dr Manolis Kalaitzake(UCD)

Project group

  • Professor Gavin Barrett, (UCD)
  • Dr Lorraine Brennan, (UCD)
  • Dr Mike Casey, (UCD)
  • Dr Crystal Fulton, (UCD)
  • Dr Eilis Hennessy, (UCD)
  • Peter Hickey, (UCD)
  • Dr Jonathan McNulty, (UCD)
  • Dr Maria G Meehan, (UCD)
  • Dr Niamh Moore-Cherry, (UCD)
  • Dr Geraldine O Neill, (UCD)
  • Professor Andrea Prothero, (UCD)
  • Dr Sue Rackard, (UCD)
  • Dr Martin McNamara (UCD)

This study generates a comprehensive picture of published, unpublished, and ongoing teaching and learning research in Irish higher education. This systematic review and analysis has four principal aims: 1) To make public what is already known about teaching and learning in Irish higher education. 2) To provide a resource for scholars who wish to research and publish in this area 3) To provide an evidence base for teachers who are interested in making changes in their classrooms. 4) To facilitate a national community of practice, enabling future opportunities for inter-institutional collaboration.

Methodology & Scope

• The research design employed is a concurrent triangulation strategy (Creswell, 2003). Phase 1: Systematic review of published teaching and learning research in Irish higher education, using multiple databases and other sources. Phase 2: Systematic review of research that may be pre-publication. A comprehensive list of specialist and general academic and practice conferences and the abstract/timetable booklets for these events for the period 2013/2014 will be generated and reviewed. Phase 3: Network analysis mapping people and projects in the field (complementing/validating the findings earlier phases).

Research Questions

This project establishes in a scholarly way the current state of research in the Irish higher education teaching and learning field, tracing aspects of its development, investigating its strengths and limitations, and offering suggestions as to future directions required in the field.


• Project blog – featuring regular updates during the project. At the end of the project the blog will be used to showcase a comprehensive listing of current Irish higher education teaching and learning research (published, unpublished and current). • UCD webinar (month 6) via Google Hangouts for dissemination, nationally and internationally, of findings/report. • Webinar available via YouTube • Final report (month 6)

Impact Goals

● The level of engagement with the project blog by teaching and learning researchers and experts across the National Forum affiliated institutions, e.g. the numbers of site visits and the information provided. ● The validity of the information sourced via the project blog. Medium-term indicator of success ● The use of the findings by National Forum and researchers working in the field.