Students as Partners in Assessment: Gateway to Assessment in Trinity

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Trinity College Dublin

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Dr Ciara O'Farrell

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Trinity’s 2019-24 Strategic Plan commits to embedding the undergraduate education reform that was a central goal of the 2014-2019 Strategic Plan. A key feature of this reform is the examination and renewal of teaching and learning practices, in particular, an emphasis on students as active participants in evaluating their own progress.

This T&L initiative proposes to develop students as partners in assessment and will develop a training programme – Gateway to Assessment - to induce transitioning first year students into the assessment practices and cultures of higher education. The programme will focus on assessment literacy, which encompasses an understanding of the principles of assessment for/of/as learning; assessment criteria, rubrics and standards; the role of students as partners in feedback; and the importance of skills of peer/self-assessment. It will encourage staff/student dialogue about assessment; address the gap between staff who have tacit understanding of assessment practices, criteria and standards, and students who do not yet have that understanding. It will build students’ capacity to make evaluative judgments about their own work and be agents of their learning.

The initiative involves the development of a series of workshops and resources for first year students on assessment literacy ‘Gateway to Assessment’ - based on the learnings from research undertaken by the project team; and the development of an accompanying blended, train-the-trainers programme that will be offered to academic staff and graduate teaching assistants, who will be key drivers in the implementation of the 'Gateway to Assessment' programme for all first year students.