Developing a Professional Development Framework to promote, acknowledge and evidence Teaching and Learning professional development activities for staff at a disciplinary level (Engineering) within an institute of technology.

Partner Institutions

Project Lead: Dublin Institute of Technology

Project Partners: Institute of Technology Blandardstown, Institute of Technology Tallaght


DIT, ITT and ITB have come together to develop a professional development framework for those who engage in teaching and learning activities in the discipline of engineering The project team comprises a specialist team to develop a discipline-specific framework that can be adapted and used in other disciplinary contexts The project team includes local discipline champions as well as representatives from management, staff development and Teaching, Learning and Technology centres in each institute

The project will begin by identifying core and discipline-specific competencies required to deliver excellent teaching in engineering for all staff who engage with teaching and learning activities; academic leaders, teaching staff, support staff and laboratory technicians This will be determined using qualitative, quantitative and desktop research that will engagement with relevant stakeholders including academic leaders, teaching and teaching support staff, alumni, students and the professional body, Engineers Ireland It will also examine literature relating to teaching in higher education, best practice and policy documentation

The project will identify and map formal and informal teaching and learning professional development opportunities and activities offered through the institutes in line with the new national framework typology It will also identify any gaps in professional development within the institutions and create learning and training opportunities to meet them

The structure developed will align to the new national framework for professional development as well as relevant policies of the participating institutes The end product will be a framework by which engineering staff engaged in teaching and learning in the institutes can map their previous, current and future teaching and learning professional development activities and be aware of skills and competencies required of their profession in the same context

It is hoped the discipline-specific framework developed will inform good practice in other academic units throughout the three institutes and in the wider

Primary Contact(s)

Jen Harvey

Dublin Institute of Technology