The National Forum is currently compiling four Advisory Groups to feed into the Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining for Learning Impact project. Further details on the project are available here. These groups will help to design frameworks which will be an integral part of an Online Resource for Learning Analytics (ORLA), which will comprise one of the main outputs of the project. These frameworks, which will be informed by reviews of international best practice and the experience of the group members, will provide a structure which ORLA users can choose to adopt or adapt either to plan and design their analytics strategy or to advance it to the next stage. They may also just be used as a reference point. They will identify good-practice models as well as highlighting potential pitfalls and providing guidance for avoiding or addressing issues.

Four Advisory Groups will be created:

  • IT & Infrastructure
  • Data Aggregation & Modelling
  • Policy, Ethics & Law
  • Teaching, Learning and Effective Interventions

The terms of reference of the groups are available here.

Please note that expertise in analytics is not a requirement. Rather we are looking for members from across the Irish HE sector with applicable experience in the themes which will be investigated by each group. In other words, members of the Policy, Ethics & Law group, for example, should have experience in one or more of the areas of policy/ethics/law, rather than an expertise in analytics. Although a familiarity with analytics would be advantageous.
The panel will comprise those:
Currently working or recently retired from the Irish higher education sector with teaching and learning and/orDiscipline specific expertise
From privately funded Colleges, Universities, IOTI’s, Colleges of Education, individuals in network groups and other agencies that support the higher education sector.
If you would like to be included on this panel and are interested in working with the National Forum, please complete the form below.


The advisory groups for the Learning Analytics and Education Data Mining for Learning impact project are now full. Thank you to all who submitted applications.