The Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund 2016 will support the higher education sector to align their existing provision to the new framework, to specifically develop provision for leaders in teaching and learning enhancement and/or digital champions and will provide opportunities to discipline focused groups to identify and address their specific professional development needs.

In addition, the National Forum is working with a range of disciplinary groups, learning and education technologists, librarians, support staff and other potential users of the framework to identify and capture how the framework can be interpreted through the lens of the different professional identities of potential users of the framework.

This phase enables targeted resources to be developed for a range of professional identities to support future use of the framework and also inform the development of a professional recognition framework.

Update of the PDF Pilot Studies: Formation & Development of the National Professional Development Expert Panel

The Professional Development Expert Group is now in place, to support the pilot studies of the Professional Development Framework, and 10 participants are representing their institution from within the university and IoT sectors, as well as private colleges including NUI Maynooth, NUI Galway, University of Limerick, DKIT, IT Tralee, Limerick Institute of Technology, Griffith College, and IPTAS, with the potential of others to join shortly. As a group of academics and education experts, this group has been seconded to work on developing capacity to support and guide the implementation and future development of professional development for those who teach across the sector, in order to maximise the value and impact of the PD project outcomes. The ultimate aim is towards the development of a Professional Development Recognition Framework for the sector. A number of materials are in the process of being developed to support the Expert Group in their work including an infographic of the pilots planning process, an FAQ sheet for pilot study participants, a Participant Information Sheet for Pilot Co-ordinators, a Mentoring Resource for those running the pilots, and blogs and social media for dissemination of the work. The expert group are seconded to work on the pilot studies, involved in the planning and implementation of a pilot study in their own professional context.

The first meeting for the group took place on Wednesday 23rd November 2016, and follow with a series of subsequent face-to-face and online meetings and workshops. 

Digital Badges Project

A call for submissions has been circulated for the digital badges project. Expressions of interest are being gathered in developing badges in a range of key areas in HE teaching and learning, including Academic Writing, Entrepreneurship, Student Engagement, Universal Design, New Teachers, and Mentoring. The digital badges project is emphasing the need for a quality design and being properly connected to the communities of interest, with the intention that they will take root and thrive in Irish professional development, and HEIs will gain facility in the use of badges and confidence in those who bear them.

We are seeking submissions for participation in the Digital Badging Project by 16th December 2016.

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