Objectives of this phase
  • Identify the key opportunities/concerns for developing a professional development framework by learning from the experience of institutions and professional bodies nationally and internationally
  • Determine how a professional development framework will be informed by the Learning Impact Awards, the Building Digital Capacity strand and the findings from the Irish Survey of Student Engagement.
  • Identify the attitudes, beliefs and values that are inherent in the sector in relation to professional development.
Mapping National Practice
  • Compile a database of active accredited and non-accredited modules and programmes in teaching and learning in Irish higher education.
  • Compile a database of available qualifications for teaching in Irish higher education.
  • Liaise with national networks that support teaching and learning in Irish higher education, such as those involved in the Partnership Dialogues, to identify the professional development needs of their members.
Mapping International Practice
  • Identify the frameworks within institutions and professional bodies internationally for recognising teaching excellence in higher education.
  • Identify what the Forum can learn from the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation from those international frameworks.
  • Review policy documents and reports at the EU and international level that address teaching in higher education.

Contribute to and build upon an international community of practice focused on national frameworks for recognising teaching excellence in higher education.

The National Forum facilitated a consultation process, “Mapping professional development pathways for those who teach in higher education; Where are we now and where do we want to go?” on the establishment and management of a professional development framework. The consultation process ran from March 10th until June 10th 2015. Main Report |Summary

The National Forum launched snapshot reports arising from the professional development consultation in this phase: