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As an integral part of the National Forum’s Assessment Enhancement Theme for 2016-2018, the Seminar Series (2016-2017) builds on the previous year’s activities. In particular, it aligns with Phase 1 Informing the Theme and attempts to answer the following questions emerging from the sector in relation to assessment OF/FOR and AS learning:

  • How can students become more engaged with assessment enhancement?
  • How can academic departments, staff and programme leaders be supported to collaborate around assessment enhancement?
  • Are there policies that need to underpin assessment enhancement?
  • How can the curriculum and the learning environment be designed to enhance assessment?

There will be 31 seminars in this series between November 1st 2016– June 30th 2017.

In order to monitor the overall impact of the assessment series, participant feedback will be gathered using the following evaluation online ( or hard copy form hereThe collated results will be returned to the NF with the seminar report.

For details of the original application process, guiding questions, funding conditions, application form, reporting and eligibility and application criteria, click here.


Seminar Title

Date of Seminar

Letterkenny Institute of Technology Assessing Experiential Learning: Reflecting on Best Practice 10/02/2017
University of Limerick Assessment for learning – connecting the professional experience of peer review with in-class peer review towards writing transfer 31/05/2017
Maynooth University Assessment in Problem & Project Based Learning: Sharing our Practice with One Another 19/05/2017
Mary Immaculate College Assessment in Teacher Education: Placement in Further Education 10/03/2017
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology BIMPlay: Using Role Play and Games-Based Learning to explore working in a Collaborative Building Information Modelling (BIM) Environment 08/06/2017
University of Limerick Challenging assumptions of effective assessment 15/03/2017
Cork Institute of Technology Developing Assessment Literacy 16/05/2017
Dublin City University Educational Theories in the Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Mathematics in Higher Education 24/03/2017
University of Limerick Enabling Institutional Capability for Formative Assessment Strategies through the Learning Management System 09/02/2017
National University of Ireland, Galway Enhancing learning in lab-based science education through re-designing assessment practices 06/04/2017
Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) Examination Feedback: Assessing the Outcomes 15/03/2017
Mary Immaculate College Exploring third level assessment practices: Supporting successful transitions and student retention 09/06/2017
University of Limerick Feedback: An essential element to the Assessment process Cancelled
National College of Ireland Fresh understandings of using peer assessment and feedback with students 14/12/2016
GMIT GMIT Christmas Teaching & Learning Showcase – Student Centred Learning Tools 16/12/2016
University College Dublin Inspiring changes in assessment and feedback through a programme approach 10/02/2017
Cork Institute of Technology Innovations in Entrepreneurship Assessment 10/05/2017
University College Cork Mapping language assessments to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Experiences from the UniLang certification scheme in the UK 24/03/2017
University of Limerick Reflection as Learning and Assessment 01/06/2017
Mary Immaculate College, Limerick Rethinking Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges 10/03/2017
National University of Ireland, Galway Student As Partner: Enhancing Student Engagement Through a Focus on Assessment As Learning in Digital Spaces 03/04/2017
University of Limerick Teaching and promoting innovative assessment in teacher education 13/01/2017
Waterford Institute of Technology The influence of Mindset on Assessment 02/05/2017
Irish Academy of Management The Supervision and Assessment of Research at Postgraduate Level 21/04/2017
University College Cork To Let Learn: Enhancing Authentic Assessment for Student Learning Within the Disciplines through the Teaching for Understanding Framework 02/05/2017
Trinity College Trinity College Assessment Showcase 24/04/2017
Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) Using dialogic feedback approaches to promote writing transfer as part of assessment for learning 30/05/2017
Sligo Institute of Technology Exploring the use of simulation as a form of learning and assessment: National and international perspectives 06/04/2017
Waterford Institute of Technology What Works? Student Retention & Success 16/05/2017
Trinity College Assessment Mapping: The TESTA Methodology 09/02/2017
Athlone Institute of Technology Redesigning Programme Assessment 25/04/2017

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