We are pleased to announce details of the 2015-2016 National Seminar Series. This year‚ the seminar series will focus specifically on the National Forum’s next enhancement theme which is: Assessment FOR, OF and AS Learning.

Click on the link to download a pdf version of the National Seminar Series booklet: Seminar Series 2015-2016 booklet

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Seminar Title


Dublin Institute of Technology Rethinking the dissertation as a way to develop and assess student research and enterprise skills in STEM disciplines 29/10/2015
University of Limerick Assessment practices for online and blended learning 18/11/2015
Mary Immaculate College, Limerick Assessing the Impact of Cultural Diversity Education: How to evaluate learning from development and intercultural education 03/12/2015
Mary Immaculate College, Limerick Negotiating the relationship between assessment and learning: Tackling the tensions between competing assessment purposes within the third-level sector 04/12/2015
Cork Institute of Technology Assessing Learning Groups 14/01/2016
University College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology Rethinking the Crit: Assessment as Learning 20/01/2016
Coláiste Mhuire gan Smál, Luimneach Measúnóireacht ar Scrúduithe Cainte: Deachleachtas + Córas Caighdeánaithe: (Oral competence assessment: Best Practice and Standardised System) 04/03/2016 TBC
Institute of Technology, Sligo Personal Development Planning 03/03/2016
Letterkenny Institute of Technology Lessons from the field: how can current research enhance assessment and feedback of undergraduate work placementes. 11/02/2016
National University of Ireland, Galway Creative Assessment for 1st Year Undergraduates: Assessment strategies for retention and progression 10/02/2016
Letterkenny Institute of Technology Utilising BIM technologies for collaborative learning 10/02/2016
Institute of Technology Blanchardstown Graded assessment strategies in online learning 06/05/2016
Waterford Institute of Technology Exploration of the Mental Models Which Inform An Understanding of Assessment TBC
Dublin Institute of Technology Rethinking feedback practices in higher education: a peer review perspective 16/02/2016
Institute of Technology Blanchardstown Changing assessment practices TBC
Waterford Institute of Technology Enhancing Assessment Feedback for Learning 17/02/2016
St Patrick’s College, Dublin City University Collaboration and Innovation: Enhancing inclusive formative and summative assessment in large and small class settings 18/02/2016
University of Limerick Aligning Instruction, Assessment, and Curriculum Across Inter- Disciplinary Programmes 11/03/2016
Mary Immaculate College, Limerick Assessing Creative Arts Practice in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges 19/02/2016
Dublin Institute of Technology Students as Researchers – Linking Teaching and Research Throughout the Curriculum 01/03/2016
University of Limerick Tablet Devices as a Peer and Self Assessment Tool 01/03/2016
Institute of Technology, Sligo Workshop Simulation Game 12/04/2016
University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin Doctoral Outcomes Assessment 10/03/2016
University of Limerick Innovation Assessment Opportunities in Enterprise LMS Implementations 24/03/2016
Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown Exploring the potential of ePortfolios for student learning and assessment 14/06/2016
Institute of Technology, Sligo Transition from ‘What if I get it wrong’ to reporting Welfare and protection concerns 27/04/2016
Institute of Technology, Sligo The challenges of Anonymous marking. What lies beneath 07/04/2016
Letterkenny IT/Irish Academy of Management Innovative Assessment approaches in Business Schools 08/04/2016
Intstitute of Technology, Sligo Formative Assessment: An empowering tool for students and educators 20/04/2016
Institute of Technology, Sligo The Use of Company and Community Projects to Enhance Assessment and Learning at Third Level 29/04/2016
Dublin Institute of Technology Coordinating the Programme Team for Assessment and Feedback 06/05/2016
Letterkenny Institute of Technology Informal in-class learning – to assess or not to assess? 06/05/2016
Regional Writing Centre, University of Limerick Giving feedback on writing to doctoral students 09/05/2016
Institute of Technology Tallaght Purposeful Peer Assessment as a Pedagogical Strategy 12/05/2016
Cork Institute of Technology Assessing Design-Focused Learning 19/05/2016
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Exploring the role and use of assessment in Education for Sustainable Development 31/05/2016
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Assessment and Evaluation Showcase at GMIT 09/06/2016
Athlone Institute Technology Assessing and Evaluating Writing – Defining what ‘good’ writing looks like across the disciplines 14/06/2016
University of Limerick (on behalf of Shannon Consortium) Formative Assessments Strategies to Engage Learners 15/06/2016
Maynooth University Assessing and Evaluating Writing – Student Self-Assessment and Peer Review: broadening the teaching of ‘good’ writing 27/04/2016
University of Limerick (on behalf of Shannon Consortium) Innovations in LMSs for Assessment: Formative and summative approaches to assessment while applying sound pedagogical principles 23/06/2016
St Patrick’s College, Dublin City University Auditing Assessment for Learning (AfL) Practices in Higher Education 30/06/2016
University College Cork Technology supported approaches to providing feedback on student academic writing Date Week of June 27th 2016
University of Limerick Improving the use of Academic Assessment Feedback: Effective Student Mentoring Strategies. 09/02/2016
University of Limerick Using learning analytics to further inform the acquisition of graduate attributes. 24/02/2016
University of Limerick ‘Rich tasks’ as a framework for innovative assessment in teacher education 09/05/2016
Trinity College Dublin Creating outward-facing assessments 19/02/2016