The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, in collaboration with our sectoral partners, is delighted to invite institutions to submit an expression of interest in participating in the DESSI initiative.

The purpose of the Data-Enabled Student Success Initiative (DESSI) is to provide support, through a National Coordinator, to institutions as they develop, or begin to explore, strategies for using data to underpin effective, sustainable student success.

A National Forum Insight that concisely introduces the process, aims and expected benefits of DESSI is available here. A more detailed guide is available here.

Applications for the this call are now closed (5 October 2017)

The invitation to participate is open to all Irish HEIs, regardless of the level to which their current use of data to support student success is developed.

Based upon the level of interest, institutional collaborations may be arranged in phases. The first phase will begin in October 2017. A subsequent phase is expected to begin in spring 2018.

Institutions will be prioritised for the first phase by demonstrating alignment with the criteria below. We will aim to include institutions with varying levels of maturity with regard to current data use in each phase.

  1. Commitment to the use of data to support student success
  2. A developed sense of the potential benefits of participation
  3. Alignment with Institutional aims

Institutional responses will be evaluated by representatives of the cross-sectoral partners steering the initiative.


Please note that expressions from coherent units such as Schools will also be accepted, but that only one submission from each institution will be considered.

All submissions must be supported by a senior member of management (ie President, Vice President, Registrar, Deputy Registrar or equivalent).

Please note also that Data Protection compliance is a key aspect of DESSI. During the first stages of the collaboration, appropriate checks and balances will be identified and assessed. These will be in place before any analysis of student data is undertaken.

Should you have any queries, or if you would like to arrange a visit from the National Coordinator, please contact