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SATLE 2022 leads have been identified by HEIs and can be viewed here.

SATLE 2022 funding will be allocated to the HEIs listed below. HEIs are expected to identify their SATLE 2022 lead contact information in September. If you would like to check with us then we can provide you with the relevant contact information.

Atlantic Technological University
Dublin City University
Dundalk Institute of Technology
Institute of Art, Design and Technology
Mary Immaculate College
Maynooth University
Munster Technological University
National College of Art and Design
South East Technological University
St Angela’s College
Technological University Dublin
Technological University Shannon
Trinity College Dublin
University College Cork
University College Dublin
University of Galway
University of Limerick

We expect funding to reach institutions by the end of August therefore, ideally the cost centre/cost code will have been identified by then.

We don’t expect the allocation for 2023 will be less than €5m however the allocation will likely be less than the 2022 allocation to take account of the additional 2022 one of payments.

Yes initiatives can commence before December 2022.

Yes however funding conditions have been aligned with HEA governance. The funding letter including conditions of funding were issued to HEI Presidents and National Forum Associates on 30 June 2022.

Funding will need to be committed or spent by 31 December 2023.

Institutional reports are due for submission on 31 January 2023 followed by the completed budget template on 14 April 2023 (this deadline has been extended from 31 January 2023). Final reports, both institutional and financial, are due for submission on 16 February 2024.

There will be no mid-term review however there may be a networking event at some point if this would be of benefit to institutions.

We will expect only one institutional report from each institution in January 2023 and February 2024. The overall focus areas of the LEPs can be noted within the reports. If further information is required we can reach out accordingly.

All recruitment related to SATLE funding must be done in line with local HR policies. HEI’s are encouraged to take a strategic approach to this fund therefore the duration of the positions outlined is appropriate under this funding allocation.

SATLE 2022 funding can be spent on equipment, providing any single item does not cost more than 15K and the total equipment spend per quarter does not exceed 20% of all costs for that quarter. The equipment that is purchased must be essential to ensuring the initiative deliverables are achieved.

The funding can also be spent on software, for example to pilot a particular approach, but careful consideration should be given to sustainability and how such software would be funded post SATLE 2022 funding period. The condition regarding the cap on equipment also applies to software.

In addition, any such expenditure should also be in line with usual institutional conventions and procurement processes.

In the absence of reviews, projected spend is required with regard to SATLE funding. The budget categories on the template are adjustable and funding can be moved between categories and quarters (with approval from the National Forum). Completed budgets are an indication of spend and planning up to December 2023 and should align with the overall institutional reports. When final financial reports are submitted in February 2024 it is not expected that they match up with projected spend exactly but there should be some form of consistency/alignment.

The requirement for sign off by finance offices ensures your colleagues in finance are aware of the funding and the associated spend.

In order to ensure SATLE funding is allocated to teaching and learning in HEIs accordingly, postgraduate scholarships, fees and stipends are not eligible under SATLE funding.

No, overhead costs are not eligible under SATLE funding.

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