Enhancing Effectiveness of Teaching Teams Through Team Inclusiveness

Learning Objectives Identify how collective reflection promotes learning and performance Explain the concrete beliefs and behaviours that comprise team reflection and team inclusiveness Identify the potential benefits of team inclusiveness for creativity, innovation, and team effectiveness Implement team reflection and team inclusiveness into educational practice Click here to register

Developing Anti-racist Practice in Professional Education

Learning Objectives Enhance awareness of students’ experiences of racism in placement settings Provide an overview of the anti-racism training resource developed for Community Development and Youth Work students and learnings from the process Discuss the experiences of staff supporting anti-racist practice in professional education and share best practice examples Click here to register

Building a Community of Inquiry Online: Deepening Student Experiential Learning

Learning Objectives Understand the principles of the educational community of inquiry (ECoI) framework Describe the benefits and challenges of using ECoI framework in undergraduate education Plan for the introduction of ECoI to curriculum design Explore the potential for alignment of a community of inquiry approach with experiential learning placements Click here to register

Using Informed Learning to Embed Information Literacy Practices in Curricula

Learning Objectives Engage with the concept of ‘Informed Learning’ and how it can enhance Information Literacy teaching Explore the purpose of a curricular level approach to Information Literacy teaching Establish the importance of collaborations with disciplinary teaching staff for an ‘Informed Learning’ approach and explore possible practical applications within subject areas Consider how to include…

Creating Engagement through Interaction

Learning Objectives Design a module to foster an engaging learner experience Seamlessly blend technology into their teaching Use media tools to enhance student interaction (using collaborative tools such as Jamboard & Padlet where no prior experience is necessary) Cultivate a positive classroom atmosphere

Crossing Boundaries 2: Teaching for an Ethnically & Religiously Diverse Ireland

  Learning Objectives To explore how to bring minority and diverse voices into educational spaces in a safe, learning environment To inform professional practice about the diversity of religious beliefs in Ireland and support educators to engage in reflective practice as they address the needs of belief diverse learners Foster open, respectful dialogue, to create…

Amplifying the Upside to Academic Life

Learning Objectives Engage in interdisciplinary peer dialogue and cultivate a professional network that seeks to enhance teaching, learning and scholarship Clarify their values, interest, strengths and skills as they relate to teaching, learning and scholarship with an emphasis on strengths based learning Become aware and articulate the position of teaching and learning in the context…

Enhancing Practice in Further Education: Contemporary Issues & Future Pathways

Learning Objectives On completing this workshop seminar FE teachers will have identified their current professional development needs through peer dialogue with the support of FE lecturers This workshop will give FE teachers from multiple disciplines an opportunity to reflect on and discuss the visionary document, Future FET: Transforming Learning The National Further Education and Training…

Teaching and Research in the UK Higher Education Sector during the last 30 years

Learning Objectives Gain a professor’s view of people and processes, and how to work in HE as an early or midcareer academic Explore the set-up and development of an international research group within a teaching-led University and how research can complement teaching Develop an appreciation for the role that metrics (student satisfaction, research excellence framework…

Digital Futures in Higher Education Practice and Policy

Learning Objectives Reflect on existing digital education practices Discuss challenges arising from digital innovation in academic teaching practice Join the conversation around the evolving shape of current and future educational practices Click here to register