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Rethinking Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges

March 10, 2017

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The aim of this seminar is to explore best practice in assessment as, for and of learning in Higher Education. The seminar will attempt to set assessment in the context of contemporary developments in higher education. Specifically, this seminar seeks to address the issue of feedback in the context of assessment for, as and of learning. Issues and processes implicit in implementing meaningful feedback to support assessment for, as and of learning will be outlined.

The issue of feedback quality remains a dilemma for Higher Education institutions. Lack of confidence and knowledge among lecturers with regard to implementing meaningful feedback in Higher Education has been highlighted ( Hattie, 1987; Brown and Knight, 1994 Higgins, Hartley, & Skelton, 2001; Huxham , 2007). This is a concern given that it is highly recognised that effective feedback can have a significant role to play in student achievement, motivation and retention in Higher Education ( Gibb and Simpson, 2005).

Professor Dai Hounsell’s expertise in the field will support delegates to reflect on the implementation of effective feedback strategies to support teaching and learning in Higher Education. The challenges of implementing feedback within different disciplines and group sizes will be addressed, along with exploring how institutions can develop students’ capacity to engage and learn from feedback. Professor Dai Hounsel will draw on his rich experience in supporting the development of sustainable and effective assessment policies and practices at institutional level.

Learning Outcomes

Identify and discuss dominant themes and discourses in the field of assessment as learning

  1. Examine pedagogical innovations in using feedback to support assessment for, as and of learning in Higher Education
  2. Examine the benefits and explore the challenges of implementing effective feedback at institutional level in Higher Education
  3. Provide opportunities for peer learning within the community of those teaching and researching assessment as learning within Higher Education

Target Audience

Higher education faculty, researchers and policymakers

Format: Presentation


Margaret O’keeffe