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Innovations in Entrepreneurship Assessment

10th May 2017

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This seminar will run as part of the pre-conference/professional workshop day for the 3e ECSB Entrepreneurship Education conference hosted by CIT in May 2017. See www.3e2017.org for more information on the conference. The overall theme for the conference is : Building for the Future – Entrepreneurship Education, Training and Policy, and one of the sub themes for the conference is ‘innovations in assessment’ . This workshop is designed to surface key issues and share experiences regarding assessment within formal entrepreneurship education programmes. The rationale and content of this workshop is practitioner led and based around the NEAR research findings.Recent entrepreneurship education literature notes that assessment practice is an important consideration and that it has been somewhat neglected by researchers. It varies between: forms of entrepreneurship education (about, for, through and embedded); the theme of the programme or module (e.g. food entrepreneurship, creative entrepreneurship); the learning outcomes desired, the underlying disciplinary stance (even between disciplines); and, the educational philosophy applied by the educator. To understand assessment practice in entrepreneurship, we need to observe actual practice through empirical research and do so in a comprehensive way to appreciate the different forms and types that entrepreneurship education might take. This workshop will allow participants to explore innovative assessment methods for the various forms of entrepreneurship education relevant to their teaching. Participants are encouraged to complete a short pre-session survey to allow the facilitators tailor the practical part of the session around the specific entrepreneurship assessment needs of the participant group on the day.

Learning Outcomes

The aim of this seminar is to provide participants with: • A summary of the key findings from the NEAR (National Entrepreneurship Assessment Review) research carried out by CEEN (Campus Entrepreneurship Enterprise Network) and funded by National Forum. • An overview of the range of assessment practice in entrepreneurship education across the higher education sector in Ireland. • An insight into the student perspective on assessment practice in entrepreneurship education. • A typology of the different forms of entrepreneurship education identifying the different assessment options and entrepreneurial outcomes and that may derive from each form. • A forum for entrepreneurship educators to share experience and discuss issues relevant to practice with national and international entrepreneurship educators and researchers attending the 3e ECSB conference.

Target Audience

Entrepreneurship EducatorsFormat: Professional Development Workshop format


10th May 2017
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Breda Kenny