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Assessment in Teacher Education: Placement in Further Education

15th June 2017

***Please Note Change of Date*** This seminar will explore the assessment of student teacher classroom placement on teacher education programmes. The themes of assessment of, for and as learning in the Practicum will be presented by the keynote speaker, Dr Matt O’Leary, who is an expert in teacher assessment/evaluation and classroom observation. Discussion of the seminar themes by teacher educators will be encouraged and facilitated in a creative and engaging manner in a small group, workshop format.The assessment of the Practicum can be challenging for educators and student teachers alike and the tensions and emotions associated with assessment are quite apparent. Ensuring that there is consistency, fairness, empowering dialogue, and constructive feedback can make a powerful contribution to teaching and learning. The potential to encourage assessment as learning is strong, in the context of the placement, as students are encouraged, and supported by their placement supervisors, to self-evaluate and to commit to on-going reflection. It is envisaged that bringing educators together, to share their experiences and collectively reflect on and discuss assessment in teacher education, could contribute to continuously improving the assessment of, for and as learning in the Practicum.It is anticipated that the seminar will encourage innovative and creative approaches to placement assessment and will raise questions worthy of further reflection, discussion and policy consideration. A stimulating seminar with conceptual and practical implications for teacher educators, in the context of current and future teaching placement assessment, has been planned.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To highlight the importance of, and tensions inherent, in achieving consistency and fairness in the interpretation and assessment of student teacher competences in the classroom
  2. To identity and prioritise areas where placement assessment can be as, for and of learning. Ensuring that student teachers are empowered and engaged, rather than discouraged, during the challenging process of assessment of student teacher placement is a key objective
  3. To enable teacher educators to reflect on and work towards enhancing their dialogue with student teachers
  4. To work collaboratively and creatively towards maximising the teaching and learning benefits of placement assessment for both teacher educators and student teachers

Target Audience

Teacher educators in higher education institutes (HEIs) who have a particular interest in assessment in Teacher Education Placement, from early childhood, primary, secondary and further education.


Opening address, keynote presenter, two or more workshop groups with feedback to a plenary session.