Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund
(Driving Enhancement of Digital Capacity for Impact in Irish Higher Education)

Call for Proposals—Phase 2—2015

Important: Only one person from each institution can register on the online interface (open from June 10th). Please do not register if you are not the person with overall responsibility for all proposals that your institution will be submitting in response to the call. Once the person with responsibility registers they can allocate a login to all those writing a proposal from their institution.

The deadline for submission of proposals has now passed.

The online application system is now closed and will not accept any proposals submitted.

An information webinar on this call was hosted by the National Forum on the 5th June 2015

Click on the following link to view the recording: https://teachingandlearning.adobeconnect.com/p2isjurolyl/

Submission Process

Click on the following link to access the online submission process http://proposal.teachingandlearning.ie/

Call Documents

Read and download information to assist you in making Teaching and Learning Enhancement proposals

Read and download the Digital Roadmap document (May 2015)

Terms and Conditions of Funding


The objectives and priorities of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund reflect and support the enhancement and transformation agenda that is being pursued at both a national and a European level.  The strength of the Irish higher education system will only be fully realised through collaboration across the sector. The aim will be to ensure that this fund is used strategically to optimise the synergies and scope that can be enabled by strong sectoral collaboration, or through partnerships with other education providers or external stakeholders, for maximum national impact.

Specifically this call for proposals aims to support the advancement of the recommendations of the report Teaching and Learning in Irish Higher Education: A Roadmap for Enhancement in a Digital World 2015-2017 (link to report) – which brings together the findings and priorities from the sectoral consultation, research and scoping process for building digital capacity undertaken by the National Forum.

Phase 2 maintains a focus on collaboration for national impact.  

The aim of this phase of the fund is to enhance teaching and learning by driving enhancement capacity in higher education institutions. This call issues in relation to proposals type A and B below.  A small number of  pre-specified projects as recommended by the roadmap are being supported through direct funded and led by the National Forum.

  • Proposal Type A – A sector-wide movement focused on building digital literacy and digital engagement for students and teachers on the ground.
  • Proposal Type B – A focus on enlisting academic disciplines as key units of change – in partnership with students for teaching and learning enhancement. These proposals must be led by Deans/Heads of Department/School/Faculty with a strong focus on discipline specific pedagogies for enhancement and impact on student learning within fields of study.  This may also include generic skills that have very strong discipline specific elements.
  • Pre-specified Nationally Coordinated Projects –  A small number of pre-specified national projects that through the consultation, research and scoping process have been identified as key priorities. These pre-specified projects focus on key actions for the collective enhancement of the sector (national policy development, open access and developing OER capacity, data analytics for analysis of learning impact).