About Student Associates

For many activities in Irish higher education, students are engaged as partners. Such activities include teaching award review panels, quality assurance protocols, national project teams and project proposal review panels. To ensure such activities are consistently informed by the experiences and perspectives of students from across the disciplines, the National Forum is collaborating with the National Student Engagement Programme to identify students interested in becoming active in teaching and learning enhancement at a national level.

What Does the Role Involve?

As a student associate of the National Forum, you will be invited to join an online community where

  • your experience as a student will inform the work of the National Forum
  • you will represent your own and other student views in discussions on teaching and learning
  • you will provide ideas and feedback on teaching and learning initiatives
  • You will contribute to identifying and designing national teaching and learning enhancement initiatives for Irish higher education.

In addition, you may be given the opportunity to join review panels to support and inform project development and to ensure all projects funded through the teaching and learning enhancement fund include students as partners.

Important attributes of a National Forum Student Associate:

  • Commitment to enhancing teaching and learning for all students in higher education
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Ability to work well as a team member
  • Good command of written and spoken English (IRL Level 4)

It is anticipated that if you are selected to participate in a review panel or other events it would take a maximum of 2 days of your time over the whole year.

Key topics for the coming year include, for example, students as partners in programme design and assessment, work-based learning, data-enabled student success, and disciplinary excellence in teaching and learning.

Successful applicants will receive a 3-hour training session and have access to an online collaborative space to network and discuss teaching and learning issues.

All travel and subsistence costs for training and participation in review panels will be covered. All student associates will receive a National Forum digital badge to acknowledge their commitment to enhancing teaching and learning in higher education.

About You

You are a current student (first year up to final year undergraduate or postgraduate) who takes an active role in your programme and can communicate your experience effectively. You will enjoy working with new people in different environments, asking questions, making suggestions and providing written and verbal feedback.

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About the National Forum

www.teachingandlearning.ie @ForumTL

The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education was established in 2012. The role of the Forum is to enhance the quality of the learning experience for all students in higher education, be they full-time, part-time or flexible learners. The Forum brings together all of those involved in shaping higher education teaching and learning in Ireland in order to support and develop excellent practices already underway in many of our Universities, Institutes of Technology and Private Colleges. The Forum helps to focus expertise and attention on issues of real interest and importance while improving, developing, innovating and transforming the teaching and learning culture and capacity throughout higher education institutions in Ireland. Information about   the wide range of work the Forum has undertaken can be found at teachingandlearning.ie.

About NStEP

www.usi.ie/nstep    @NStEPie

The National Student Engagement Programme is a collaborative initiative developed by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), the Higher Education Authority (HEA), and Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). Established in 2016 it includes the National Students Training programme which delivers training to class reps across 23 higher education institutions. It also works with Institutions to develop their protocols and policies. The Students are Partners ethos is championed throughout all of the programmes activities.

About USI

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The Union of Students in Ireland (Aontas na Mac Léinn in Éirinn) is the national representative body for third-level students’ unions in Ireland. Founded in 1959, USI now represents more than 354,000 students in over forty colleges across the island of Ireland. USI holds seats on the boards of the Higher Education Authority, Quality & Qualifications Ireland, the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and works closely with many organisations and agencies. USI is a full member of the European Students’ Union (ESU) which represents students from 45 National Students’ Unions in 38 countries.