TEL Tools – Pedagogical Resources for Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in 3rd level education continues to grow unabashed. As noted by Donnelly et al (2013), teaching and learning will need to adapt. Technology will need to become an ever-bigger part of the learning process. What is key to the growing development of this is the education of those who would use this technology for the purposes of teaching and learning – teacher education and development are central to the more successful national ICT interventions. (Hanafin, 2008).

Donnelly & ORourke (2007) identified that  – In the Republic of Ireland, as elsewhere, the use of online technologies has become an increasingly important challenge in academic staff development. However, without adequate training and an awareness of how to effectively implement these tools, the effectiveness of these tools can become diluted and may even become counter-productive. ODonnell et al (2012) emphasised that once tools become available, it is imperative that instructors receive adequate training, to ensure that they can achieve effective use of these tools. This is in keeping with Recommendation 11 of the High Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education.

Survey: FET Learners’ Experience of Transition to Higher Education

If you are in your First Year in higher education, having joined from Further Education & Training, then please tell us about your experience Please complete our survey before May 8th at The National Forum along with the FET sector is conducting some research to understand what parts of the transition experience worked well for…