What is All Aboard 2017?

An initiative being co-run by The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Ireland’s higher education institutions, All Aboard 2017 is a week-long (3-7 April 2017) series of national and regional public events designed to build confidence in Ireland’s digital skills for learning.

Who Can Participate in All Aboard 2017?

Anybody with an interest in developing their digital skills for learning- regardless of skill level- is invited to come on board All Aboard 2017.
The entire education sector – universities, institutes of technology, private colleges, further education and training colleges, adult literacy centres and every secondary and primary school in the country are a key target audience of the initiative. In addition, we have also mapped out a five-day itinerary for communities and parents who can get involved in e.g., our internet safety awareness drive -while as many people as possible from local businesses are being encouraged to get their companies and colleagues on board.

What’s On Offer?

National and regional events including fun activities, workshops, competitions, challenges, experiments, public lectures and much more are all designed to help build confidence in our digital skills for learning are on offer.  Check out our Events section for the latest events listing in your area.

How Can I Get Involved in All Aboard 2017?

Getting involved is easy. A dedicated All Aboard 2017 web interface goes live at noon on Friday 17 February and will provide you with A-Z guide on all aspects of the All Aboard 2017 programme. If your school, college, business or community group would like to run an event, you can register your interest through the All Aboard 2017 website.The website will feature easy to use, downloadable resources for planning and running an All Aboard 2017 event. It will also carry “Latest News” updates on events that you can participate in all around the country.
You can also follow us on All Aboard 2017 on Twitter (#AllAboard2017), Facebook and YouTube.

What’s the Background to All Aboard 2017?

All Aboard 2017 is based on The National Forum’s report “Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: A Roadmap for Enhancement in a Digital World 2015:2017” which made a key recommendation for ‘A co-ordinated, multi-level approach to foster digital literacy, skills and confidence among students at all levels of education…”. To access copy of the report click here. The initiative will build on the All Aboard Digital Skills Framework funded under the government’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement fund 2014 (http://allaboardhe.org/).

  • The technical and the practical aspects of the range of tools and technologies available and useful in the support of learning, teaching, research, managing and thriving in the digital age.

  • Connecting with each other and sharing ideas, regardless of distance or time.

  • Being confident and empowered over the use of technologies to make new resources, express yourself, and take opportunities to develop new approaches and ways of interpreting ideas and the world around us.

  • The skills and literacies needed to find relevant information and data and how to apply such information in an effective way and subject it to scrutiny, whether for effective learning or for research, scholarship and professional purposes.

  • How to get the most out of technologies and materials to encourage engaged learning and make sense of new knowledge.

  • Understanding the nature of your online self, data and information, privacy and protection, and taking care of yourself, others and information, in ways that are ethical and respectful