Dr Mary McAleese

Dr Lynn Ramsey

Dr Joseph Ryan
Deputy Chair

Oisin Hassan
Board Member

Karena Maguire
Board Member

Dr Martin Fitzgerald
Board Member

Dr Gemma Irvine
Board Member

Dr Jen Harvey
Board Member

Lewis Purser
Board Member

Dr Aidan Mulkeen
Board Member

Dr Iain Mac Labhrain
Board Member

The academically-led Board of the National Forum provides strategic guidance, oversight and leadership to the Forum in pursuit of its vision and mission. It comprises representatives of the broad spectrum of stakeholders in Irish higher education, including students, academics, senior managers, policy makers and representative bodies.

The Board is responsible, on behalf of the sector and funders, for ensuring the effectiveness of the work of the Forum so that it has maximum system-level impact, aligns with strategy, and is informed by research and national and international best practice.

It informs and approves the Forum’s strategy, specific policies, budget, and overall work plan. It also prioritises funding allocations to enhancement activities in a fair and transparent manner that fosters sustainable enhancement and delivers best value on behalf of the sector.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that there is appropriate, periodic evaluation of the work (and impact) of the Forum and compliance with all statutory requirements.

It operates on the basis that members are participants in a collective endeavour on behalf of the sector rather than simply representatives of particular institutions.